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Watching a game of baseball at Yankee Stadium was a long held goal. But to be actually there to watch the Yankees play their arch rivals Red Sox was just too much.

Saturday 28 July 2012 sees me outside the stadium in the drizzle and negotiating with a scalper over a $48 terrace seat. We finally agreed on the numbers, with me meeting his bottom line of $40 before I moved inside to see the field draped in plastic. Then the skies opened up and deluged the ground. The scalper’s promise of undercover seats was a myth. What looked like a wash-out turned into a 2 hour rain delay, with ground staff armed with pitchforks assisting drainage by creating holes through which pooled water could drain through the turf/sand/gravel.

Unfortunately the Yankees went down 8-6. This was despite a late rally in the 8th when a Teixeira home run levelled the scores at 6-6, but closer Soriano couldn’t hold the rampaging Red Sox. 49,573 fans braved the weather and generously tolerated a lacklustre effort by the Bombers.

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The evening was closed out by a beverage at Stan’s Sports Bar.