After another delayed train trip, the itinerant traveller arrived in Toronto from Niagara Falls right on dusk. That’s Toronto, Canada (spelled C aye N aye D aye). You know what i mean? The trip was courtesy of Emile the ever officious tall skinny controller on VIA train No. 63. After hastily arranging accommodation with AirBnB using wifi stolen from Starbucks, digs for 3 nights were secured in a share house in the downtown area. You know what I mean?

It was right across Bathurst Street from the local steam baths and just down the street from the St Christopher drop-in centre. You know what I mean? Local bars were in abundance, including the delightful Tequila Bookworm, although the gazpacho soup they served was cold! Some local interesting phenomena included the Beer Shop, which was operated more like a bank than a liquor outlet. You know what I mean?

Armed with a TTC day pass various local sights were toured using streetcars. First stop was the Distillery area for obvious reasons. You know what I mean? It was there that I indulged in that great Canadian gastronomic delight – the Poutine. It has variously been described as an emblematic, problematic, comedic junk food dish. Consisting of layers of chips (fries), cheese curd, and gravy it is an artery cement if ever there was ever one! (See

At this site modern modes of Canadian transport were observed.

20120804-051858 PM.jpg

Chinatown – low consumption, high enjoyment!!!

20120804-055042 PM.jpg

The itinerant traveller

20120804-055150 PM.jpg


20120804-055242 PM.jpg

Standards of dress are interesting …….. something for everyone!

20120804-061414 PM.jpg

And no visit to Toronto would be complete without a photo of the CN Tower.

20120804-062138 PM.jpg

Highlight of the trip was getting to see my Bangladesh work colleague Fatema who had migrated to Canada in 2010. It was a delight to see her and to see how she was getting on with her new life.

So exit from Canada involved another long long train journey on the Empire Express back to Zoo York. Which reminds me of another Kevin Bloody Wilson song that you also cun’t cannot sing in Canada! The journey time was further extended by high summer temperatures which meant 20 miles per hour had to be stripped off the maximum speed of 79 mph on the Empire Express.