New York, New York …… the city that never sleeps

The city of boroughs, precincts, and villages, connected by a seemingly endless maze of subway tracks and populated by the masses is a vibrant and energetic place that never ceases to amaze. Perhaps living in the city may see this fascination eventually subside, but for the infrequent and temporal visitor it gets you in it’s grasp.

The lights and glitz of Times Square, the spectacle of live shows on Broadway/42 Street, the buskers and the beggars, the galleries, the ethnic diversity, and the ever present sounds of the city keep the visitor energised. In places it’s grubby and downright grotty, with ever present graffiti and people doing it tough on the streets. While in the more salubrious parts of the city the glitterati and new and old money live in abject luxury.

The successful traveller to New York is one that quickly masters the skill of using the subway system. Keeping a Metro Card always charged and learning the nuances of cross city travel via the connecting subway lines is all important.

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The trick is understanding how to get from JFK to 4th Street in the East Village or from Fulton Street in Lower Manhattan to the American Museum of Natural History on 81st Street. Or deciding whether to take the A or 1 line to 207 Street station in Little Dominican Republic.

The subways provide a rich insight into art of the soul of the city. Some stations are decorated with objects de arte, others are adorned with graffiti, trains are painted, and late at night there are a range of entertainers with drum kits (or plastic buckets), saxophones, guitars, or flutes. The resulting sounds range from an unholy din to pleasantly melodical outputs worthy of a dollar in the hat.

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The city exudes an energy all times of the day. Central Park is full of joggers, cyclists, and rowers. The theatre district is full of punters eager to see a show, or grab an autograph at the stage door. Pubs are busy with patrons watching the latest baseball game or catching glimpses of Olympic highlights. And the locals go about their daily business oblivious to our fascination with the city. Perhaps that’s it – to the traveller this is not our life so we watch with a disconnected fascination and go “wow“!

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So until next time…….

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